How to Improve Your Brand Image

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Invest in Visual Assets

Here are a few basic steps to improving your brand image.

When was the last time you took a good hard look at your logo? If you’re just starting out, great! It’s worth the upfront investment to hire a graphic designer to collaborate with on creating your ideal logo and brand media suite which includes brand color palette, acceptable fonts, letterhead, headers and thumbnails formatted for social media, etc.

Consider a Rebrand

Been around for a while and afraid your logo and other brand collateral look a bit clip art-ish? There’s no problem starting over! Create a strategic marketing campaign around rebranding your business to reintroduce and invigorate your current clientele around your businesses new direction. Taking on this creative process on your own is totally fine if you’ve got killer digital media skills and are creative. But, don’t cut corners here. If you need help fleshing out your vision, it’s worth hiring a consultant.

build brand awareness

Build Your Brand Values

Living and breathing your brand image is key, not only for you but for your business reputation and your employees as well. Everyone representing your organization is essentially a brand ambassador. Hiring the right employees and clearly communicating your company vision and mission as well as expectations regarding the customer’s experience is paramount.

Improving Your Brand Online

Many of your clientele likely make their way to you via online searches, social media or personal recommendations. Your online brand image should connect with your target market so everything you put out into the universe should be indicative of your brand’s personality and values.


Treat your website like you’d treat your home. It should portray a desired impression and reflect you and your business. At Adlatworld, our focus is to drive sales with your target audience. This is another area where, if you need some extra help, it’s worth the investment. Most potential clients will research you before even considering making a purchase or visiting you in person. If your main gig is ecommerce, it’s even more important to thoughtfully build your business website.

Social media

Social media platforms are fabulous for showing your brand’s personality. If your aim is to be viewed as a subject matter expert, post scholarly articles or links to helpful resources. Want to show your fun side? Go wild with memes and “punny” posts related to your industry or services.

No matter your ultimate brand image goal, you should always show appreciation to your customers. Social media is the ideal way to do just that. Repost from customers that have tagged you to show your appreciation for their spreading the word about you or post client stories that demonstrate your level of customer service and dedication to client satisfaction.

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